GE AK, AKR, & WavePro Retrofill

Coastal Power Systems is ready to assist our customers with upgrading their obsolete AK, AKR or WavePro Air Frame Breakers to the New GE Entelliguard R Retrofill. The benefits include:

ge frame breaker

  • Quick Turnaround with little downtime. Little to no cubical modifications are required to install.
  • Going from obsolete breaker to Current Production Entelliguard Breaker
  • Entelliguard Retrofill interacts with the existing secondary disconnects, giving no need to re-wire breaker or cubical.
  • Available for GE Factory and OEM style breakers

How To Order Your GE Entelliguard Retrofill

Ordering involves providing nameplate and gear type information.

ge entelliguard breaker

With full catalog numbers and/or Drawing Numbers, CPS’s expert sales team can easily cross-reference your existing breaker to the new Entelliguard Retrofill.


We can also make any recommendations on additional features available such as:

  • RELT
  • Remote Operating Systems
  • Communications
  • Other Custom Controls or Features

GE Entelliguard Installation

ge entelliguard breaker

CPS can travel anywhere in the world and support our products and customers installation needs.


All AK, AKR, and WavePro to Entelliguard R Retrofills will come prewired and ready to be installed for any customers who prefer to do their own installation. Installation includes:

  • Racking Out/ Unbolting Existing Circuit Breaker 
  • Racking In New Retrofill Substructure and Securing/Bolting in New Retrofit Entelliguard
  • Racking In New Entelliguard Breaker into New Retrofill Substructure
  • Installing Provided Replacement Panel, or cutting opening in the door for new Entelliguard Escutcheon and Installing Trim Plate Kit

GE Entelliguiard Retrofilling Benefits

EntelliGuard R Retrofills can extend the life of your equipment and help make the most of your existing equipment.

  • Upgrades older gear while limiting downtime
  • Increase your Arc Flash Protection
  • Retrofills are UL Listed
  • Remote Racking using the Entelliguard Racking Device is available
  • Lower maintenance and current production field installable replacement parts
  • Trip Unit and all indicators are visible through the door

Call us today to talk to experts at CPS about the AK, AKR, and Wavepro Retrofill solutions today!

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