Custom Designed Retrofits

Retrofits and Retrofills are a cost-effective means in which to upgrade and extend the life of your gear. Coastal Power Systems can provide custom equipment retrofit services that will upgrade your equipment without having to replace an entire lineup. By introducing new protective devices into your switchboard/switchgear, you can increase protection capabilities such as metering, arc flash reduction features, solid-state programmer protection and much more. Along with increasing protection, your new retrofits and/or retrofills will now have current production devices and replacement parts available new and able to be shipped from CPS when needed.

CPS has worked with many of our customers to design, fabricate and install custom retrofits. Our process of designing retrofitted circuit breakers is incorporated into each custom build we do. Each Retrofit/Retrofill will go through rigorous testing and mock-up prior to shipping from our facility. Our designs are focused on minimizing downtime, functionality, and electrically sound practices.

We have designed and built Retrofits and Retrofills for Oil Platforms, Medical Complexes, Commercial Buildings, Industrial Facilities, Amusement Parks and many more. Our Technicians credentials allow us to not only design our products but have our design professionals on-site for installation. CPS offers technical expertise every step along the way.

  • GE Power Break I to Power Break II – direct replacement
    • Plainville Drawout
    • Houston Drawout
    • TC Drawout
    • Bolt-On
  • GE Wavepro to Power Break II – direct replacement
  • GE AV-Line J and K frames to Spectra Series
  • ITE HP/CP Molded Case backplate to Siemens PD/RD backplate
  • Westinghouse / Cutler Hammer to GE Power Break II
    • Small/Compact Frame Bolt-On
    • Small/Compact Frame IPS Drawout
  • Merlin Gerin MP to Power Break II (Ross Hill Application)
  • GE AL-50 to GE Power Break II
  • And many more...
  • Retrofit MCC Buckets
  • Retrofit/Retrofill Medium Voltage Breakers
  • Retrofit/Retrofill Contactors
  • Relays
  • Retrofit/Retrofill Switches (including Pringle and Bolt-Loc)

Why wait for a catastrophic failure inside your older gear before wishing you had upgraded. Call us today to discuss the many options you have available for your application!