Retrofit Circuit Breakers

CPS sets the standard for retrofit and retrofill circuit breakers

When it comes to retrofit and retrofill circuit breakers Coastal Power Systems has set the industry standard. For the past two decades, CPS has worked with companies large and small to offer a retrofits and retrofills based on customer's needs. Our retrofit and retrofill product offerings always revolve around quality, durability, and short downtime durations.

CPS has worked alongside major manufacturers and provided technical sales and installation for many of their retrofit and retrofill products. We also design and mass-produce many lines of our own custom retrofits and retrofills including major obsolete brands of circuit breakers, contactors, and switches.

Manufacturer Retrofits/Retrofills

CPS works with customers to provide a great solution for any retrofit need.

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CPS Designed Retrofits/Retrofills

Retrofits and Retrofills are a cost-effective way to extend the life of your gear.

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Process of Design

For all of our new retrofit/retrofill designs, custom switchgear builds, or customer specific wiring jobs, CPS goes through a rigorous design process.

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OEM Switchgear

CPS offers a wide variety of OEM and Customer specific switchgear modifications, design and retrofitting.

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Custom Solutions

We can provide anything from a custom panel board to a custom switchgear lineup.

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Retrofit circuit breakers are the implementation of modern components such as the primary switching devices, digital protection, or control technology in the existing cubicle. By adding state of the art components to the original equipment the useful life of the breaker is extended.

The benefits of doing a retrofit are:

  • Rack-In/Rack-Out or Unbolt/Bolt-In Installation
  • Downtime can be reduced to minutes
  • Can be utilized as a spare in multiple Cubicles/Sub-Structures

Retrofit Circuit Breaker

Retrofill circuit breakers are when all the obsolete equipment, including the circuit breaker, is stripped and replaced with entirely new components as well as a new cubicle. Both new and old components must be modified in order to work together.


The benefits to doing a retrofill are:

  • Upgraded Cubicle with moderate downtime
  • New Primary and Secondary Disconnects
  • New Rack-In/Rack-Out components

 Circuit Breaker Retrofill

The Difference between a retrofit and a retrofill has to do with how the new components are installed.

A retrofit is a means where the new components are introduced without old components modification. An example of this would be removing an old circuit breaker from a cubical and being able to directly install a new retrofit circuit breaker without any cubical modifications.

Whereas, a retrofill is when both new and old components must be modified to work together. For example a retrofill circuit breaker would require a technician modifying/installing a new cubical in order to install a new circuit breaker.

retrofit circuit breaker installation

Let CPS be your source for any retrofit and/or retrofill needs. Call or email us today!