ABB XT Molded Case Upgrades & Retrofits

CPS Custom Retrofits 

Since 1995 Coastal Power Systems has provided low-voltage solutions. Our priority is to work closely with customers on how to upgrade these pieces of vital equipment with the least amount of disruption. We are one of the original founders in the art of retrofitting & retrofilling for our clients’ low-voltage equipment with new breaker technology.  

Custom Retrofit/Retrofill Solutions: 

• OEM Installations 

• Obsoleted Breaker and Contactor Lines 

• Downtime and Cost driven projects 

• Non-Manufactured current Retrofits available 

• Arc Flash Reduction 

• Update technology and measuring 

• Switchgear/Switchboard unable to be removed or installed 

CPS provides panel and gear life extension with upgrades, and retrofits to your molded case breakers. Utilizing the latest generation ABB XT Series breakers, we offer the most advanced technology and interchangeable parts. XT retrofits are available in bolt-on, plug-in, and custom designed applications.

ABB XT Molded Case Retrofit Benefits: 

  • Quick lead time from the manufacturer and little downtime for installation.
  • Going from obsolete products to current production breakers. 
  • Offering Solid State Ekip Dip and Touch Trip Unit with safety monitoring and arc flash upgrades available. 
  • Reliability and dependability 
  • We have a number of accessories & a large range of connection options. 

Learn more with our customer replacement guide!

ABB XT Molded Case ABB XT Molded Case

How To Order Your Retrofit 

Choosing the right retrofit has never been so easy with the help of Coastal Power Systems. Whether you have a standard panel distribution or individually mounted breakers. CPS is ready to take help! 

We will assist you with identifying your type of installation, breakers, and available options. Photos or schematic review will help in the quoting and production phases. 

Coastal Power Systems is fully capable of coordinating a site survey to better assist our customers with obtaining the correct information. We can also make any recommendations on additional features available such as: 

  • RELT
  • Remote operating stations 
  • Communications 
  • Zone selective interlocking 
  • Other custom controls or features 
  • Metering and monitoring 
  • Bluetooth capabilities 

Installation of XT Retrofits 

CPS’s expert field technicians travel around the globe to support our products and customers' installation needs. Our XT kits will include all modifications, hardware, pre-wiring and any other necessary components for easy installation.     

Our Custom Retrofit Process:

CPS Process

CPS can offer the newest breaker technology advancements: 

• Touch screen trip units 

• Maintenance modes and maintenance enhancement modes 

• Bluetooth trip unit technology 

• Ethernet, modbus, and profibus networking 

• PLC and remote stations for metering and operation 

• Breaker health data including contact life, operations, and life expectancy updates 


CPS 4 Step Process

Coastal Power Systems can be a turn-key solution for any obsolete equipment upgrades and replacements. Ordering your custom retrofit is easy with the help from our expert sales team. Call us now to get information we need to give you a quote for your retrofit.