Large & Small Power Transformers

Coastal Power Systems is a representative of most major brand transformers. We have full capability of quoting based on customer specifications and design. We fabricate custom connection points and install most types of large and small power transformers. We cater to customers all over the globe. No transformer is to large or small for our experienced sales team help you find the right solution for your application.

  • Main Power Transformers
  • Distribution Transformers
  • Oil Filled
  • Dry Type
  • Control Power Transformers
  • Potential Transformers
  • Specialty Transformers (custom built to customer specifications)

Large Power Transformers:

Our Transformers range from Low Voltage to Medium Voltage types. Our offerings parallel with our complete lineup packages and allow us to provide our customers full switchgear/switchboard/sub-station and other projects. CPS are also experts in providing custom tap and junction sections to help our customers marry their transformers and gear.

Small Power Transformers:

We stock a variety of Control Power and Potential Transformers, both AC and DC secondary outputs. CPS can provide both Din Rail and Bolt-On mounting configurations. Along with these transformers we support other related control components such as fuse clips, fuses, power supplies, and other various control related items to help you with all of your project needs.

Contact us today to talk to our technical sales team about your transformer needs.