Switchgear Enclosures & Switchboards

CPS supports a large inventory of Switchgear and Switchboards as well as necessary Control Components.

Our goal for our switchgear and switchboard products:

  • Minimize Customer Downtime
  • Limit Installation Time
  • Match Existing Footprints and Layouts
  • Protect against Environmental Challenges

CPS as an OEM for many major manufacturers can offer:

  • Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Solutions and Components
  • Custom Built Sections to fit your Application and Space Constraints
  • Stand Alone or Multi Section Lineups
  • Temporary Power Solutions and Rental Units
  • Generator, SCR and Transformer Sections
  • Main-Tie-Main, Single Subs and Double Ended Sub
  • All Internal Indication and Control Components


At CPS we are experts at providing New, Reconditioned and Custom OEM Switchgear and Switchboards to meet your requirements. We offer custom solutions and flexibility to ensure we meet all of your needs.


Low Voltage

Since 1995, Coastal Power Systems has been helping our customers with low voltage solutions.

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Medium Voltage

CPS offers a large array of medium voltage products and services for all industry applications.

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Custom Builds

Being able to bring a customer’s vision to life is our specialty.

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Switchgear Accessories

CPS carries a large range of power distribution components for your switchgear and circuit breaker needs.

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Top Drives

CPS is able to offer our offshore customers circuit breakers configured for specific drives.

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