Retrofitted Circuit Breaker Design Process

retrofit development processFor all of our new retrofit/retrofill designs, custom switchgear builds, or customer-specific wiring jobs, CPS goes through a rigorous design process. For over 20 years, Coastal Power Systems has developed retrofits for all markets and applications. Starting out with a customer request for a single breaker being introduced into an obsolete system, to now mass-producing hundreds of retrofits per year. Coastal Power Systems works alongside both customers and our manufacturers to ensure quality and development are to the highest standards for your retrofit circuit breaker design.

CPS Designs

Designs incorporate draw out and bolt-on application breakers, address arc flash when possible, and always have customer downtime in mind when developing. Our designs have gone to major Oil Drilling companies, Government projects, Medical Facilities, Industrial Institutions and Commercial Buildings.

retrofit design processDevelopment

CPS is continually developing new products to meet our customer's needs. With an ever changing market and products going obsolete, our team thrives on being able to adapt our customers' existing gear to the newest and most technologically advanced electrical equipment.

Retrofit and Retrofill Circuit Breaker Design Process:

Technical Sales Staff and Qualified Technicians discuss the customer's specific needs.

Staff members will pull from years of experience, technical literature, and inventory to introduce a list of the best candidates/options for a solution available.

CPS will list all the customer specific requirements, NETA specifications, and any other safety or functionality related needs.

Our 20 years of experience and expertise allows us to quickly identify the best approach based on criteria such as: cost, functionality, customer requirements, safety, and ease of installation and length of downtime.

A general consensus is reached with the best possible solution for our customer. This information is introduced to the customer for approval and input.

CPS relies on senior technicians to turn the ideas into reality. Using state of the art equipment and sound electrical principles CPS will build a full scale mock up to test.

Upon testing our prototype this then goes to our final processes to ensure the best possible product based on several criteria: safety, functionality, aesthetics, ease of installation and most importantly customer's expectations. Rigorous testing including but not limited to function tests, primary injection, high-pot, meggar, and any further testing deemed necessary by our staff and the customer.

CPS is here to help our customers solve switchgear issues and upgrade their equipment needs. Call or email us today!