On-Site Circuit Breaker Testing

"Coastal Power Systems team not only has the testing capabilities and know-how, but they also offer an extensive amount of breaker, relay, and MCC knowledge to go above and beyond customer expectations."

Circuit Breaker and Switchgear Field Services Include:

  • On-Site Circuit Breaker & Switchgear Testing
  • On-Site Surveys 
  • Relay Testing
  • Switchgear Maintenance
  • Circuit Breaker Maintenance
  • MCC Maintenance 
  • Retrofit Trip Unit Installation 
  • Installation Packages
  • Retrofit/Retrofill Upgrades
  • Commissioning services
  • 1 year, 2 year and 5 year Routine Inspection and Maintenance Packages

Coastal Power Systems has set an industry precedent of quality and knowledge. We carry this over into our field services, as well. The technicians that will be working with our clients are technicians that we also use daily in our breaker repair facility and MCC shop. This translates into more experience and troubleshooting knowledge in the field. Knowing every nut and bolt associated with a project prior to visiting with a customer allows us to offer a level of on-site service elevated above our competitors.

All technicians are trained to CPS standards and follow NEMA/IEEE guidelines and procedures. Our technicians have credentials for both on-shore and off-shore work. We are on call 24/7 and prepared to exceed all of our customers’ expectations. 

Call us today with any of your on-site needs and let us provide you with a level of service you and your equipment require!