Circuit Breaker Repair Shop & Field Services

Coastal Power Systems offers both circuit breaker repair, maintenance and shop and field services. Priding ourselves on quality and thoroughness, we offer a level of service above and beyond our competitors. Quick turnaround and getting our customers back up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible is our top priority. CPS services include:

Shop Services


What circuit breaker & switchgear repair services are offered?

  • Circuit Breaker Repair and Restoration
  • Same Day Primary Injection Testing with Certification
  • Contactor Repair and Restoration
  • Medium Voltage Contactor Repair
  • MCC Repair and Restoration
  • Medium Voltage High Pot and Vacuum Bottle Integrity Testing
  • Drive and SCR House Restoration and Upgrading

Field Services


What circuit breaker & switchgear field services are offered?

  • Circuit Breaker Primary and Secondary Injection Testing
  • Medium Voltage High Pot and Vacuum Bottle Integrity Testing
  • Retrofit and Retrofill Installation
  • Device and Accessory Installation
  • Control Component Troubleshooting
  • Relay Testing
  • Switchgear Maintenance and Cleaning
  • Commissioning Services

All Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Testing comes complete with a Power DB generated test report and is available electronically to our customers. Contact our technical sales staff today for more information on how to utilize our services.

Circuit Breaker Repair

Coastal Power Systems offers a full breaker repair service.

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Full Breaker Restoration

CPS offers services including in-shop breaker repair and our second-to-none full breaker restoration process.

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MCC Restoration

Let Coastal Power Systems help with our MCC Restoration Process.

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On-Site Testing

We offer a level of On-Site Service elevated above our competitors.

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LV & MV Contactor Repair & Refurbishment

Contactors are used in applications where a circuit breaker would experience a high number of operations ...

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