Low Voltage Switchgear

Since 1995, Coastal Power Systems has been helping our customers with low voltage solutions. We have provided support including sales, repairs, restorations and retrofitting/retrofilling for our clients' low voltage switchgear and switchboards. Our in-shop support, as well as CPS’s on-site field technicians, have been trained to not only test and troubleshoot, but also know and understand the interworking’s of all major brands of circuit breakers. This allows us to give our customers a level of support second to none in our industry.

Coastal Power Systems' portfolio of low voltage offerings includes an extensive range of products including:

Low Voltage Safety Solutions

Our Low Voltage products are cutting edge with the newest technology available to our customers. Incorporation of zone interlocking, communications and arc flash reduction. Our Low Voltage products can address safety hazards at all levels:

  • Tripping Device with Arc Flash mitigating Instantaneous curves
  • KAIC Rating of Circuit Breaker with quick cycle close
  • Zone Selective Interlocking and Communication
  • Shutter Assemblies
  • Hand Safe Construction
  • Arc Flash Maintenance Modes
  • Arc Flash Seeking Technology inside the Switchgear or Switchboard
  • Smart Switch Systems that Communicate in the Event of a Fault

Coastal Power Systems is here to help our customers find the best solution for their equipment. Please call our technical sales staff today for more information.