Low Voltage & Medium Voltage Contactor Repair

At Coastal Power Systems, we carry both low voltage and medium voltage vacuum contactors and offer new and restored options. We also offer a full restoration program for large specialized contactors such as:

  • Ross Hill DC Contactors
  • Eaton/Siemens DPM Contactors
  • GE Limit Amp Contactors
  • And any makes and models

CPS carries a large variety of contactors in stock or available from all major manufacturers. These include:

  • ABB Contactors
  • Toshiba Contactors
  • Eaton Contactors
  • Schneider Contactors
  • GE Contactors
  • Other major manufacturers

Contactors are used in applications where a circuit breaker would experience a high number of operations for motor starting and other requirements. Due to the number of operations a contactor is a better fit because of the design and engineered makeup of the device. For this reason, you will find contactors in devices such as:

  • Motor Control Center Buckets
  • Switch Gear
  • Small Enclosures

Low Voltage Contactors

LV Contactors are contactors rated for 1800V and below. These contactors range from lighting to motor starter contactors. They can be rated for both AC and DC applications. These are the most common type contactors and typically consist of only a few parts. The parts are:

  • Stationary Contacts
  • Movable Contacts
  • Coil with applicable coil voltage
  • Auxillary Contacts
  • Bridge and Bridge Rectifier
  • Arching Contacts

Medium Voltage Contactors

MV Contactors are contactors rated for 2200-7200 volts. These type of heavy duty contactors are used for such industries such as Industrial, Mining, Dredging and other large scale applications. They are used in applications that have larger current requirements and high operation counts. These contactors can use two different type of contact structures, vacuum and air. Vacuum contactors use a bottle with the contact structure located inside and surrounded by a gas to allow for no outside exposure and arcing ability. This differs from an air type which uses stationary and movable contacts along with spacing and open air to allow for proper diffusion of heat. These contactors consist of:

  • Operating Mechanisms
  • Coils with applicable coil voltages
  • Contacts either air type or vacuum type
  • Arcing contacts in some instances
  • Bolt On or Drawout type carriage for removal
  • Auxillary Contacts

CPS can help with all of your contactor sales and medium & low voltage contactor repair needs. Call our sales group today to inquiry about parts, whole contactors, contactor lineups and anything else related today.