GE HPC to HPC2 Retrofit

CPS as an industry leader can easily assist our customers with identifying their existing type of GE High-Pressure Contact Switch and offering a Retrofit GE HPC2. The benefits include:

ge HPC2 retrofit

  • Quick Turnaround with little downtime.
  • Going from obsolete switch to Current Production HPC2.
  • Better Technology including: RELT - Reduced Energy Let Through (maintenance mode with higher instantaneous sensitivity), Integral Ground Fault through the new Entelliguard Programmer, Instantaneous Trip Protectors, and Electric Charge & Remote Close Features.

ge hpc to hpc2

How To Order Your HPC2 Retrofit

Ordering is as easy as going to your currently installed HPC Switch and getting the Catalog number off of the nameplate.


Example: THPC3620ET1, THPR3612B, Etc.


Once this is acquired you can call or email our expert sales staff and let us cross reference your existing HPC to a new HPC2 switch. We can also make recommendations on any available upgrades or arc flash protection options available.


GE HPC2 Installation

CPS is capable of sending our service team to any site around the world for installation. If the customer prefers, they can also use their own install team. Installation for a direct replacement unit typically involves:

ge hpc to hpc2

  • Unbolting the old High Pressure Contact switch and removing the obsolete unit.
  • Bolting in place the new direct replacement HPC2 switch.
  • Landing any control wiring or device wiring back to marked locations.
  • Installing Provided Replacement Panel, or cutting opening in the door for new HPC2 Escutcheon and Installing Trim Plate Kit.


Is there an HPC to a Circuit Breaker Replacement Option?

YES! CPS offers an HPC to Power Break II non-fused Retrofit for any applications where the KAIC rating allows it. The benefits include:

  • Full Entelliguard Trip Unit Functions including, Long Time, Short Time, Instantaneous and Ground Fault Protection.
  • Options such as RELT, Remote Operation, Electrical Charge, and Auxillary Contact Configurations.

Talk to our technical sales experts today to see if this option is right for you!