Full Breaker Restoration Service

Do you have circuit breakers, contactors, MCC or other electrical equipment that are worn out, nuisance tripping, or having issues?

Over time, equipment will naturally have parts develop wear and tear, contact surfaces will deteriorate and grease hardening will bind up operating mechanisms. All of this can lead to safety issues due to improper breaker function or failure. Maintaining your circuit breaking equipment is an important part of keeping gear functional and safe.

CPS helps our customers solve this problem by offering full breaker restoration services, including on-site maintenance solutions, in shop breaker repair and our second to none full circuit breaker reconditioning. This process incorporates senior level technicians taking a circuit breaker completely down to individual nuts and bolts and restoring to "like new" condition. This process includes:

This process will take a breaker completely apart to its core components. Anything that can be disassembled and restored is taken apart. Other components that cannot be disassembled are function tested, lubricated and cleaned.

Our process includes powder coating any and all components that require painting. We prefer the powder coat process because of the durability of the end product. Powder coating is a process where a colored powder is applied to a metal surface then baked to coat the surface a specific color while offering maximum protection and corrosion resistance.

All other components that are custom to the breaker will be metal plated. This process includes silver plating any surfaces which will pass current and made of copper, we prefer to use electroless nickel over yellow cad for durability purposes, and any plating that needs to occur for proper function.

Any hardware able to be replaced will be replaced with Grade 8 hardware. CPS will always recommend this substitution to ensure the longevity of our products.

Each project is reassembled by experienced technicians. Once assembled and complete each breaker is fully function and electrically tested. The testing means will be primary injection, secondary injection, high pot or proper means necessary for the specific project. This is concluded with a full Power DB Test report which is provided with the breaker and available electronically to the customer.

CPS always goes the extra mile to ensure our customers have a safe and reliable product that will last for years. Each restored item comes with a minimum 12 month warranty and test report. This entire process typically has a turn around of less than 2 weeks. Coastal Power Systems can also offer rental breakers and equipment while your equipment is being repaired.

We strive to hear our customers tell us: "We didn’t recognize it was the same breaker!"

Call or email us today to find out more about our restoration process and how to send in your equipment today.