SCR Drive House Reconditioning

CPS offers SCR drive house reconditioning. Our drive house refurbishment process takes the components of an SCR drive house and they are either repaired, reconditioned or replaced. This includes, but not limited to:

Circuit Breakers – Entered into CPS’s Restoration Process, certified and given a full primary injection test report. An alternative to this would also include retrofitting the Drive House with a Factory NEW Circuit Breaker either Retrofitted or Retrofilled to fit into the existing gear.

DC Contactors – Placed into the CPS Restoration Process, Certified and given a full test certificate. These may also be replaced or retrofitted with new current production contactors.

Control Components – Control Power and Signal Transformers, Printed Circuit Boards, Control Devices (Pilot Lights and Switches) are all function tested and replaced as necessary.

Motor Starters – Restored or replaced based off vintage and condition.

System Bus – Tested for impedance values. When available all bus work is cleaned and resurfaced. This includes pulling complete bus bars from gear and sending out for acid dip and silver plating when applicable.

  1. Extend life of the Drive House
  2. Removes all dirt and carbon build up which over time may result in a flashover incident, causing extensive damage, injury and possibly even death.
  3. Provides latest series of Circuit Breaker and DC Contactor installation, eliminating the possibility of not being able to procure obsolete control devices and parts in a potential break down situation.
  4. Identify potential points of failure due to loose bus or cable connections, or any other worn/damaged components.
  5. Affords the opportunity to upgrade electronics and turn an old system into a state of the art SCR System with new technology without the cost of buying a completely new system.

Contact us for more information on how to send in your drive house, or have our on-site team come to your location.