Custom Switchboard & Panelboard Manufacturer

Over the past 20 years, CPS has built a team that will provide custom switchboard and panelboard equipment specifically designed for your needs. We can provide anything from a custom panel board to a custom switchgear lineup and custom metal enclosures. We understand that one size does not fit all, and we want to help solve your custom solution problem effectively and efficiently.

Custom Retrofit PanelboardSwitchgear Retrofitting Reconditioned Medium Voltage Circuit Breaker  

Our Custom Switchboard Solutions Include:

   Retrofit and Retrofill Circuit Breakers

CPS has set the industry standard with custom Circuit Breaker Retrofits and Retrofills. We have an expansive list of current offerings but are fully capable of “conception to installation” for clients with custom needs.

We have the ability to custom build motor control buckets with all new components, incorporated modern technology and a plug and play design for your vintage of MCC.

Take old contactors and upgrade from an open air contact structure to a vacuum contact structure for more reliable function and protection.

CPS can not only upgrade your Circuit Breakers trip unit to the newest production, but also incorporate CT’s for solid state functionality, Arc Flash Reduction capabilities, Zone Interlocking, Communications and more.

Retrofit, replace or marry two existing switchgear and switchboards. Our team can custom design a single piece or lineup of gear to replace or add to existing switchgear and switchboards with as little downtime as possible. We pride ourselves on having the best solution with the most efficient installation as possible

CPS will design and construct custom retrofit/retrofill contactors of all sizes from love voltage to medium voltage to be used in the place of obsoleted or upgraded equipment.

Let our experienced engineers and wiremen create custom panels to your specifications. CPS is capable of working with the customer to design, engineer, draw plans, construct and even install any wiring and/or panel projects.

When introducing new components and equipment into your gear, CPS can offer onsite and offsite construction of custom bent bus work, cabling projects, and flexible bus projects.

We utilize our knowledge of industry components and our design process to offer our customers custom solutions, which will exceed expectations. Please contact our Technical Sales Staff for more information or to quote a project. Call us today!