Solid State Retrofit Kits & Trip Unit Replacements

CPS circuit breaker technicians can extend the life of your low voltage breakers with the latest solid-state trip technology. Let our technical sales staff provide you with the most current and advanced circuit breaker retrofit trip unit kits.

Why Upgrade your Trip Unit?

  • Reliability and Functionality
  • Arc Flash Mitigation and Safety Modes
  • Metering and Communication Capabilities
  • Upgrading to Faster Closing Cycle Times and Current Sensing Ability
  • Reduce Nuisance Tripping
  • Available Secondary Injection Testing

What Breakers do we offer Retrofit Kits for?

We have Trip Units and Retrofit Trip Unit Kits available for almost all major manufactured circuit breakers both current and obsoleted.

Do we Offer Replacement Trip Units?

CPS carries a massive inventory of ready to ship replacement trip units for every style of breaker. Our technical sales group can even offer some upgraded trip units that will be a direct plug and play programmer to replace your existing older units. These brands include: