Siemens, Allis Chalmers & ITE Insulated Case Circuit Breakers

CPS carries new and reconditioned Siemens Insulated Case Circuit Breakers in stock. We also offer our CPS Series Retrofit and Retrofill replacement breakers for those customers looking to upgrade to current production products. Devices and parts are always available and ready to ship. Call us today and speak with one of our technical sales associates for more information.

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Siemens Insulated Case Circuit Breaker Models

Siemens SB Series- SB, SBS, SBA

Siemens WL Series- WLS1, WLS2, WLL1, WLL2, WLL3, WLC2, WLC3, WLN2, WLS2, WLH2, WLH3, WLM3 WLF2, WLF3


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ge power breaker

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Download these manuals below:

Download Siemens SB Circuit Breaker Manual

Download Siemens WL Circuit Breaker Manual