Retrofit Offshore Power System Services & Solutions

In today’s competitive oil and gas market, it’s important to keep your vessel, rig or platform producing at its highest capacity with as little downtime as possible. Coastal Power Systems has dedicated over 20 years of existence to doing just that. Our primary customer base originated with the offshore market and continues to develop new products, service and implement new equipment in this field. By having a full understanding of our customer’s service and product needs, CPS proudly offers a wide variety of retrofit offshore power system services and solutions to keep your business up and running.

Solutions and Service

CPS has proper credentials and certifications to bring our trained technicians to your offshore needs. We offer:

  • On-site testing (both medium and low voltage breakers, contactors and relays)
  • 5-year maintenance packages
  • Retrofit/retrofill designs to bring our customers to new technology
  • Arc flash Reducing Products
  • Installation and product integration services
  • Engineering and design services
  • Motor Control Center maintenance and service
  • MCC and Switchgear cleaning and inspection
  • Rig stacking/unstacking surveys

CPS is always prepared for last-minute call-outs and 24/7 technical support. Call or email us to find out more information!


CPS has worked alongside our dredging customers to provide preventative maintenance, breaker restoration, retrofit and retrofill products, custom enclosures and much more. We understand that the need to keep your dredge up and running safely is priority number one. Coastal Power Systems is able to incorporate new technology and a preventative approach to aging and run-down equipment, which will allow your dredges to function at full capacity all of the time.


Coastal Power Systems is a drilling industry leader in the field of circuit breakers, contactors, transformers and Motor Controls. We are known throughout the world for our superior products and product knowledge. This knowledge incorporates Ross Hill/NOV systems, GE Micro Drill systems, Baylor, IEC, IPS and others. We understand the workings of your SCR components and generator controls which allows us to design custom retrofit/retrofill solutions that minimize downtime and maximizes safety and efficiency. Preventative maintenance including 5-year maintenance packages and on-site testing will satisfy ABS requirements and ensure that your gear is at its peak performance.

Oil & Gas

CPS supports our platform and refinery customers as a GE Strategic Alliance Center and 20 years of knowledge and support. Our experience with both low and medium voltage allows our experienced technicians to service your equipment both onsite and in-shop with a level of precision and thoroughness above our customers’ expectations. We are a safety-minded company that thrive on ensuring our customers have the newest technology including arc flash reduction, remote operation and remote racking capabilities.

Contact CPS today for more information on your Retrofit Offshore Power System needs.