Motor Control Center Sales

Motor Control Center Supplier

CPS’s low voltage and medium voltage motor control center (MCC) sales offerings are able to be utilized in all applications, locations, and industries. We stock and have products available from major manufacturers such as:

  • GE
  • Eaton/Cutler-Hammer
  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • ABB
  • Schneider 
  • Ability to source any other brands

With our customers’ needs in mind, our technical sales staff is able to help tailor the right lineup with the right features for your needs.

Our MCC offerings incorporate new technology such as:

Finger Safe Gear – This is defined as a section or piece of gear that has no access points for human interaction with live or energized components. This safety feature drastically minimizes the chances of personnel compromising their health and safety.

Arc Flash Mitigating MCC – This type of MCC incorporates IP20 devices as well as construction designs that allow for arc flash reducing Motor Control Centers. Other features include shutter assemblies for stab in MCC buckets, pad-lockable handle operators, optional IP20 safety features, as well as stab and door interlock.

Communication and Indication – CPS has the ability to custom-build motor control center MCC gear and buckets to suit your wants and needs. Whether it's communication through auxiliary contacts to interact with other system components. Or remote indication through the use of LED lighting or alarms. CPS can help with all custom applications.

Updated Starters and Contactors – Technological advances in contact structures and insulation have allowed starters and contactors to drastically reduce in size while maintaining higher than ever safety levels. This has occurred with a focus geared towards reliability and durability. Advances in solid-state overloads have also given a technological boost in function and safety.

**Factory New**

  • Freedom Series
  • XT MCC
  • Flashguard MCC
  • Model 6 MCC
  • Model 6 Control Center with 18-Pulse Drive
  • Model 6 with Altistart Solid State Reduced Voltage Starters
  • Spectra 8000 series
  • Evolution E9000 series
  • Evolution E9000 with Arc Flash Mitigation
  • Centerline 2500 MCC
  • Centerline 2500 MCC with ArcShield
  • Centerline 2100 MCC
  • Centerline 2100 MCC with ArcShield


  • 7900 series
  • 7700 series
  • 7098 series
  • 2700 series
  • GE Classic
  • Model 3
  • Model 4
  • Model 5
  • Model 90
  • Model 95
  • 9600 Imperial
  • System 89
  • Allen Bradley:
  • Bulletin 798

Let Coastal Power Systems' years of experience help you find the best solution for your motor control center MCC needs. Call CPS for more information on how we can help find the right motor control center unit MCC for you.