MCC Retrofits & Retrofills

Custom Motor Control Center Solutions

Coastal Power Systems has spent over two decades designing, fabricating, and creating custom Motor Control Center solutions for customers. These solutions include retrofit and retrofill MCC for obsolete equipment. CPS understands the need to update your equipment over time. We also understand the limitations and obstacles involved with removing old MCC gear and replacing it with new ones. This is why CPS offers a better solution for that aging MCC Lineup.

Retrofit MCC Buckets

A retrofit bucket is a design that adapts a current production product line to an older motor control center MCC. The most common design is introducing all-new components into a bucket that is equipped with the same stab assembly and door, therefore, offering all new components in the same location in which the old motor control center MCC bucket was removed. MCC bucket retrofitting is a plug-and-play solution that allows you to upgrade your protection and eliminate old safety hazards.

  • Plug-and-Play ability eliminates downtime
  • Current production components that are factory stock
  • Updated technology availability
  • Ability to replace 1 Bucket or an entire lineup

Retrofill MCC

Motor control center MCC Retrofill refers to a custom engineered solution to match a current production MCC piece of gear to the same footprint, function, and placement as a customer’s old or obsolete piece of gear. A motor control center MCC retrofill is a great solution for a customer whose gear is in poor shape and is in need of replacement but wants to eliminate lengthy shutdown processes, new conduit runs, and concrete pad adaptation.

  • No new construction costs outside of the Retrofill MCC Section
  • Shorter downtime and onsite labor costs
  • Current up to date equipment with current production parts and safety features

CPS offers site survey services that can come to your location and take all necessary measurements and information to form a custom solution for your specific MCC. Once this process is complete a full design can be fabricated and approved for construction. Our goal is to limit your downtime and costly onsite labor costs.

CPS can help design around any old manufacturers and even custom builds. Let us help with your MCC Retrofit and Retrofill needs today.