Industrial Retrofill Solutions

Coastal Power Systems offers our industrial customers superior and cost-effective industrial retrofill products and solutions to meet your market-specific challenges. CPS Designs, Fabricates, Sells, Installs and Services the following: 


Maintaining your machines is one of the most important parts of keeping production flowing. Equally important, is regular maintenance on your electrical components. Metal processing centers offer several different challenges compared to other industries.

Metal particles and carbon buildup in panels and circuit breakers

CPS can help with providing maintenance packages and electrical certifications, offering a proactive solution to stop problems before they start

No time for stoppages and downtime

CPS offers Site Surveys, Rental and Retrofit Options which can provide the fastest possible solutions safely and reliably.

Outdated Equipment

CPS can provide up to date equipment that meets new codes and arc flash requirements. Offering new solutions through our Retrofit and Retrofill options, as well as our technical sales team able to get products from all major manufacturers.

Let Coastal Power Systems help with your electrical needs to keep your metal processing facility running safely, efficiently and reliably.


Coastal Power Systems has decades of experience in dealing with production facilities. We understand the priorities are:

  1. Safety
  2. Production Runtime
  3. Cost
  4. Future Growth

CPS can address all of these concerns by offering quality equipment installed by experienced professionals that have the most up to date technology and available features. With thousands of products in stock, we will work with our customers to ensure a solution that will fit your budget and production needs.


Being located in the Houston Area CPS has been in the center of one of the largest plant and refinery markets in the world.  Coastal Power Systems offers a large variety of products and services to help keep this market running.

  • Breaker Restoration and Trip Unit Retrofits
  • Circuit Breaker Retrofits and Retrofills to replace obsoleted equipment including:
    • Low Voltage – Air Frame, Insulated Case and Molded Case
    • Medium Voltage – Contactors and Circuit Breakers (vacuum and contact structured)
  • Motor Control Center (MCC) Restoration, Upgrades and Retrofits
  • Relays and Protection Devices
  • Arc Flash Suits and Safety Gear
  • Circuit Breaker Lifting Devices
  • Remote Operation Controllers and Stations

Coastal Power Systems' typical turnaround for a reconditioned and certified circuit breaker is 2-3 business days, with same-day service available. No matter what time of day or night CPS is available to help with any emergency needs.