Hyundai Insulated Case Circuit Breakers

Our circuit breaker expertise carries over into the international market as well. CPS technician are trained and experts at repairing, replacing and retrofilling Hyundai HiAN, HiAS and UAN, UAS breakers. We stock Replacement units, devices and parts! Also call us today about our GE Entelliguard retrofill solution for the HiAN and HiAS frames.

HiAN power breaker

Hyundai Insulated Circuit Breakers


HiAN Series: All amperages and styles available

UAN Series:  All amperages and styles available


hian power breaker

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We have selected these manuals to help you choose your Hyundai insulated circuit breaker.

Download the resources below:

Download Hyundai HiAn & HiAS Circuit Breaker Manual

Download Hyundai UAN & UAS Circuit Breaker Manual