Commercial & Medical Power Systems

Whether it’s a downtown Houston high-rise building or a small town school across the country, CPS is committed to offering the highest quality service and product integration possible. Our electrical distribution and protection products provide effective power system solutions for any customer needs or requirements.

We are setting the Industry-standard with our custom retrofits/retrofills, new and reconditioned equipment and available field services. CPS offers solutions that can minimize downtime while meeting customer’s strict deadlines and budgets. Our “Whatever it takes” attitude will insure you are up and running 24/7.

CPS Solutions will effectively allow our customers to:

  • Upgrade existing gear with new installation or retrofit and retrofill solutions
  • Increase capacity without jeopardizing space or efficiency
  • Install our products with as little downtime as possible
  • Focus on long term quality and reliability


CPS is able to provide medical power system solutions to our medical customers with 24/7 service and parts for all of your Switchgear, MCC and Circuit Breaker needs. We offer:

  • Emergency Call Out Repair and Troubleshooting
  • In-Stock Breakers and Switchgear Accessories
  • Preventative Maintenance and Safety Upgrade Packages

Our technicians are able to quickly respond in-shop or on-site to any of our customer’s needs. We also have the ability to retrofit/retrofill old Switchgear Lineups, Circuit Breakers, MCC Buckets or MCC Boards to replace obsolete equipment with minimal downtime.


Coastal Power Systems can work with Universities and Campuses around the world to offer Testing and Maintenance services for scheduled and unscheduled outages. Our Field Technicians have years of experience with Switchgear and Circuit Breaker Knowledge allowing us to fulfill customers’ needs with little downtime. This includes:

  • 1,2 and 5 Year Preventative Maintenance Packages
  • Direct Breaker, MCC and Switchgear replacements in stock
  • Technical troubleshooting and repair


For our customers in the communications field, we are able to provide application-specific equipment for UPS Battery Back-Up Systems, Communication, and Zone Interlocking Schemes as well as other Switchgear and Circuit Breaker Devices. CPS carries a large inventory of switchgear components for any of your controls and system needs.

  • DC Rated Contactors, Breakers and Components
  • Retrofit and Retrofill Upgrade Options
  • Customer Specific Maintenance and Upgrade Services

Commercial Buildings

CPS caters to our local and domestic Building Complexes by offering commercial power system solutions such as:

  • Arc Flash Mitigating Technology
  • Remote Operation Stations
  • Retrofits/Retrofills to Replace Arc Hazard Equipment

We understand the need for safety and protection when it comes to a customer’s maintenance crews and personnel. By offering Safety Upgrades with our equipment replacement options, we allow a customer to design a package right for them.

Contact CPS today for more information on your Switchgear or Circuit Breaker needs.