Water-damaged Electrical Equipment Guidelines



We're starting to see quite a few storm damaged breakers and other electrical gear in the wake of Harvey. 
One concerning question I am hearing over and over is "Can we let it all dry out and energize?" The answer to this is NO! 

PLEASE do not energize your flooded equipment until it has been thoroughly inspected! Your breakers may close just fine, and conduct electricity for awhile, but the consequences could be expensive and dangerous. 

Breakers that have been underwater WILL have corrosion within the Mechanism and any electronic components such as the Trip Unit or Control Devices. Should an over-current situation arise, the corrosion within the mechanism may prevent it from opening. If by chance the trip unit is still functioning and it calls for a trip, the mech is corroded and may not be able to open up causing the current to continue flowing into whatever fault called for a trip. Or, if the trip unit is not functioning properly, it may not call for a trip at all.

Coastal Power Systems, do not charge to evaluate your gear. It will be worth your while to have your gear checked out before being put back into service. That time spent may save you thousands of dollars and more importantly, lives.


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