Safety Precautions When Dealing with Commercial & Industrial Circuit Breakers



Safety Precautions when Dealing with Commercial and Industrial Circuit Breakers


Safety is vital, especially when electricity is involved. Working with any kind of circuit breaker is dangerous. Hence, it's always best to be left to the experts. The number one factor to consider is the age of your switchgear in order to prevent any malfunctions and injuries.

ALWAYS remember to follow the safety precautions to prevent any harm:


  • Always shut off the main breaker, follow the LOTO protocol and isolate the board or panel before beginning any work.


  • All personnel should always wear personal protective equipment (PPE) when working with industrial circuit breakers.


  • Be sure the device you choose matches the wiring, load requirements and type of switchgear/switchboard.


  • Never replace a circuit breaker with an improper amperage rating.


  • Only add an additional breaker if you have an open slot in your breaker panel. We can help you selecting the right circuit breaker depending on your needs. We are an OEM and work closely with all manufacturers to ensure our customers will have the best options and products available to them. Whether you are looking to upgrade with a new, fully Reconditioned or a Retrofit circuit breaker.


  • Remember the main bus bar may still be hot even if the main power is off.


  • The conductors leading into the electrical panel can be energized and should never be touched without proper isolation procedures.


  • Always have new electrical work inspected to ensure that it's properly installed and meets code requirements. CPS technicians are trained and follow NEMA/IEEE guidelines and procedures. Our technicians have credentials for both on-shore and off-shore work.


  • The proper inspection and maintenance of industrial circuit breakers should be taken into special consideration. Circuit breakers are involved with routine switching and help to protect other equipment. Depending on the type of circuit breakers, some require only yearly routine maintenance. However, the operating conditions that surround the industrial circuit breaker can sometimes require that maintenance be completed more often. CPS offers 1 year, 2 year, and 5 year Preventive Maintenance packages specific to individual customers. 


  • Tools, cords, and electrical fittings should also be examined before use for any damage or wear and should be counted at the beginning and at the end of the inspection/maintenance to make sure no tools where left inside the switchgear. 


  • Dealing with electricity is dangerous, proper training and equipment as well as inspection and testing is vital for the safety of everyone


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