What is the difference between a Retrofill and/or Retrofit?

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The Difference between a RETROFIT and a RETROFILL has to do with how the new components are installed.


A RETROFIT is a means where the new components are introduced without old components modification. An example of this would be removing an old circuit breaker from a cubical and being able to directly install a new RETROFIT circuit breaker without any cubical modifications. 


Whereas, a RETROFILL is when both new and old components must be modified to work together. For example, a RETROFILL circuit breaker would require a technician modifying/installing a new cubical in order to install a new circuit breaker.


Coastal Power Systems can provide custom equipment retrofit services that will upgrade your equipment without having to replace an entire lineup. CPS can work with our customers to provide a great GE, Square D & ABB retrofit solution for any need.



Retrofit Benefits Include:

  • Rack-In/Rack-Out or Unbolt/Bolt-In Installation
  • Downtime can be reduced to minutes
  • Can be utilized as a spare in multiple Cubicles/Sub-Structures 

Retrofill Benefits Include:

  • Upgraded Cubicle with moderate downtime
  • New Primary and Secondary Disconnects
  • New Rack-In/Rack-Out components


We can help you find a quick solution! Contact our experts today or give us a call at 281-445-9280!

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