What is the difference between a Retrofill and/or Retrofit?

retrofill-cps retrofit-CPS

The Difference between a RETROFIT and a RETROFILL has to do with how the new components are installed.


A RETROFIT is a means where the new components are introduced without old components modification.


An example of this would be removing an old circuit breaker from a cubical and being able to directly install a new RETROFIT circuit breaker without any cubical modifications.


Whereas, a RETROFILL is when both new and old components must be modified to work together.

For example, a RETROFILL circuit breaker would require a technician modifying/installing a new cubical in order to install a new circuit breaker.


Retrofit Benefits Include:

  • Rack-In/Rack-Out or Unbolt/Bolt-In Installation
  • Downtime can be reduced to minutes
  • Can be utilized as a spare in multiple Cubicles/Sub-Structures 

Retrofill Benefits Include:

  • Upgraded Cubicle with moderate downtime
  • New Primary and Secondary Disconnects
  • New Rack-In/Rack-Out components


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