What is the Difference Between a Molded Case vs. an Insulated Case Breaker?

An insulated case circuit breaker is a molded-case circuit breaker that uses a glass-reinforced insulating material, such as fiberglass for dielectric strength. In addition, insulated case circuit breakers have a push-to-open button and rotary/ratchet-operated low torque handles with independent spring-charged mechanism providing quick connect/quick disconnect operation.


Coastal Power Systems knows virtually every circuit breaker down to lock washer sizes and contact pressure ranges. With the help of our technicians and technical sales staff, CPS consults with you to determine whether your insulated case should be:



Reconditioned or Restored


Upgraded to a New Retrofit or Retrofill


For all New and Reconditioned Circuit Breakers our certified technicians will perform: Primary injection testing, Function testing of all devices and accessories, and an overall Visual inspection prior to shipping. This ensures that your breaker is ready to plug and play upon arrival.


Each breaker will be shipped with a Power DB-generated Test report and Secondary wiring diagram upon request. These may also be supplied to the customer electronically.


GE circuit breaker

Square D/Schneider circuit breaker

ITE/Siemens circuit breaker

Westinghouse circuit breaker

ABB circuit breaker

Hyundai circuit breaker

Merlin circuit breaker

Cutler circuit breaker

Insulated Case Applications


The Coastal Power Systems team is familiar with many systems that incorporate insulated case circuit breakers. We recognize that each system might have its own unique designs that allow it to work with the original circuit breakers installed. These systems include Ross Hill, NOV, GE (both Salem and Houston designs), GE Microdrill, IPs, Main-Tie-Main configurations, Communication, Zone Interlocking Scheme, Kirk Key Protected Schemas, and countless others.


CPS will be able to provide guidance and support for all of your Insulated Case circuit Breaker needs. This also includes providing information on any Retrofit and Retrofill opportunities to upgrade your system. Contact a member of our team today with any questions.




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