ABB SACE EMAX 2 Circuit Breaker

EMAX Retrofit

ABB SACE Emax 2 circuit breakers exceed industry standards in circuit-breaker protection capabilities. The advantages are not limited to only new switchgear purchases. Retrofitting an Emax 2 into an existing or predesigned system can increase the life span while simultaneously upgrading its performance and features.

SACE Emax 2 Retrofit Kits

ABB Low Voltage Breakers now offers extended product capabilities, enabling customers to immediately benefit from the Emax 2 circuit breaker.CPS is the expert in all ABB EMAX retrofits. We can encompass almost all vintage and styles of breakers in our Current Generation Retrofit and Retrofill Solutions. These include upgrades for:

  • Westinghouse
  • GE
  • Cutler Hammer
  • Siemens
  • Square D
  • Federal Pacific
  • ABB
  • Merlin Gerin
  • Others

Replacing Emax 2 in switchboards and switchgear can upgrade performance capabilities while also increasing the circuit-breaker's safety features.


Increased Mechanical Performance:  Quicker cycle times and UL1066 Certification.

Arc Flash Mitigation:  Maintenance Mode with Remote Operation from Smart Devices.

Simple Device Integration:  Easy installation and operation.


New trip units with Bluetooth Technology, generator protection, generator sync capability, and load shedding. Optional implementation of advanced local and remote monitoring and diagnostic services.

Communication & Connectivity

Communications:  The Ekip Programmer can be integrated into all automation and energy management systems. The Emax 2 can be equipped with modules for Modbus, Profibus, and DeviceNet as well as Modbus TCP, Profinet, and EtherNet/IP.

Connectivity: Integrated Bluetooth functionality makes it possible to set and check all measurements directly from a smart device utilizing the EPIC App.

Enhanced Measuring

Measurement tolerance to 1% actual current value, 0.5% of voltage, and 2% of power and energies. It acts as a measurement device in switchgear with measurements read directly on the trip unit display so extra devices are unnecessary.

Easier & Safer Emax 2

Emax 2 is the first circuit-breaker to offer large, color touchscreen displays. Access to information and adjustment capability. No need for HMI units, with ten languages available.

Emax 2 makes it simpler than ever to add RELT (maintenance mode), Communications, Built-in Power Supply, and other features with the use of plug-in modules.

Terminal boxes use spring clamp technology that makes wiring easy and tooling-free.

A maintenance signal is included in each trip unit that will identify the need for routine maintenance.

This feature acts as a reminder and can help avoid incidents or shutdowns and extend the life of the equipment.

Benefits of an Emax 2 Retrofit

Benefits of Emax 2 Retrofit Kits for Existing and New Installations:

  • Complete flexibility: No need for recertification of the system as Emax 2 retrofits align with the device substitution defined in UL and IEC standards.
  • No additional development cost: Redesigning the whole switchboard is not required as the main structure remains the same with the integration of the New Emax 2.
  • Easy installation: Customers can easily install the replacements independently, without any hassle.
  • Increased product availability with spare parts readily in stock.
  • Stock and spare part reduction by adopting Emax 2 CPS can customize your solution to have interchangeable spare breakers and components minimizing spare stock.

Ordering Details

Customers can work with our sales experts to customize their specific applications.

Call us at 281-445-9280

We can take this information and quickly provide a detailed quote for your Retrofit or Retrofill. We can also make any recommendations on additional features available such as: 

  • RELT (Reduced Energy Let Through) 
  • Remote Operating Stations
  • Communications and Zone Interlocking
  • Bluetooth Integration
  • Other Custom Controls or Features


CPS is certified to immediately travel all over the world and assist or provide installation services. Our field technicians can provide turn-key service to get your gear up and running quickly and safely. For those customers who choose to install themselves; our Retrofits and Retrofills come with instructions and provisions for a professional to install. The process usually includes:

  • Racking Out/Unbolting Existing Circuit Breaker/Removing Existing Sub-Structure
  • Racking In Retrofit into Existing Sub-Structure/Bolting In Retrofit Breaker/Introducing NewSub-Structure
  • Installing Trim Plate Kit orDoor Modification Kit
  • Some applications may require the replacement of Neutral CT with provided Neutral CT kit.

emax 2 circuit breaker emax 2 circuit breaker 

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