Industrial Circuit Breaker Preventive Maintenance & Repair Services

Preventative Maintenance on Circuit Breakers

Preventative Maintenance and Repair of Your Low & Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers

Both Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers require maintenance and testing. The manufacturer provides recommended maintenance and testing guidelines specific to each breaker type. Along with the manufacturers' recommendations, it is important to recognize your facilities' requirements set by insurance groups, third-party facility interests (such as owners, investors, and other entities), and government groups.

What should typical circuit breaker maintenance include?

  • 1 year – Basic PM: Operation, lubrication, and Inspection
  • 3 year – PM and Test: Basic PM plus either secondary or primary injection Testing with Report Generation
  • Other- at larger spans of time it is recommended that a breaker be fully serviced, and major components resurfaced, replaced, or updated.

Circuit Breaker Trip Events

A circuit breaker trip event is defined as any type of abnormal electrical occurrence that may have caused defects or nuisance tripping to the breaker. It is recommended when an event occurs that either an on-site visit and circuit breaker evaluation be performed, or the circuit breaker is sent in for an evaluation and testing. CPS offers both in-shop and field services on all Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Circuit Breakers including testing with a complete Power DB generated test report.

How to identify if a circuit breaker trip event has occurred?

  • Breaker has tripped for unidentifiable reasonsCircuit Breaker Repair Solutions
  • Breaker has tripped under extreme load or other fault occurrences
  • Soot or Black Marks are noticeable on the top arc chute covers of the breaker
  • Damage has occurred to the breaker or around the breaker

What is the Benefit of Circuit Breaker Maintenance?

The advantages of regular maintenance to your circuit breaker will ensure uninterrupted operations in your facility and extend the life of your existing circuit breaker and equipment. Routine maintenance can reduce the cost of circuit breaker repairs, reduce downtime, improve safety for staff, and property.


Maintenance is the key to a smooth operational electrical system. The safety and reliability of circuit breaker equipment must be a priority. Preventative maintenance and testing have many advantages which will ultimately increase safety while decreasing downtime and costs.

 Circuit Breaker Maintenance

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 Circuit Breaker Repair Services

Circuit breaker repair and maintenace services include:

  • Onsite primary injection
  • High pot, and other circuit breaker electrical tests
  • 1 year, 2 year, and 5 year maintenance packages specific to the customers’ requirements.
  • And more...

Circuit Breaker Exchange Program

CPS offers a Circuit Breaker Exchange Program. CPS will provide a loaner or replacement circuit breaker to customer specifications to insert into the place of the Site breaker needing service.

*This breaker may be kept for additional charge and cost of breaker being sent in for repair costs. This eliminates the need for additional downtime, installation expense, and outage costs.

  • CPS can offer site surveys to help coordinate with the customer the best action plan for their circuit breakers and outages.
  • CPS offers quick turnaround breaker maintenance. With over 20,000 square feet of inventory and parts, we can complete repairs and maintenance fast.
  • CPS offers field services to complete breaker testing and maintenance on-site for 1 year and 3 year or other maintenance cycles
  • CPS offers full breaker restoration services. We can take your old, obsolete breaker and bring it back to the new condition along with offering recommended upgrades such as solid-state trip units or vacuum bottle retrofits.

Circuit Breaker Maintenance Services


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