How often should I maintenance my Circuit Breaker?

The need for Maintenance of Circuit Breakers is often NOT obvious as circuit breakers may be in working condition and not showing any signs of complications. Breakers should be routinely opened and closed several times in succession to verify proper operation and remove any accumulation of dust or foreign material on moving parts and contacts.



Circuit breakers deserve special consideration because of their importance for routine switching and protection of downstream equipment. Electric transmission system disruption and equipment destruction can occur if a circuit breaker fails to operate due to a lack of preventive maintenance.


How often should I maintenance my Circuit Breaker?


There are many different types of circuit breakers and the Inspection guidelines for each will vary


As for the example of Molded Case circuit breakers, these are designed to require little or no routine maintenance throughout their normal lifetime. Therefore, the need for preventive maintenance will vary depending on operating conditions. Molded case Circuit Breakers should be exercised at least once per year. Routine trip testing should be performed every 3 to 5 years.


Low-voltage Circuit Breakers should be inspected and maintained every 1 to 3 years, depending on their service and operating conditions. A breaker should be inspected and maintained if necessary whenever it has interrupted current at or near its rated capacity.


This Maintenance includes:

              Visual and Mechanical Inspection

              Electrical Tests

              Test Value Evaluation

              Lubrication, cleaning, resurfacing, plating and other methods of restoration

              Re-Testing and Certification

              Test Report


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