Air Circuit Breakers

New & Reconditioned Air Frame Circuit Breakers

Coastal Power Systems works with all major manufacturers to provide our customers with the latest available Air Frame Circuit Breakers. We also stock a large inventory of Low Voltage and Medium Voltage Air Frame Circuit Breakers and devices. CPS can provide new and reconditioned Air Circuit Breakers including brands such as:

For new and reconditioned air circuit breakers our certified technicians will perform primary injection testing, function testing of all devices and accessories, and an overall visual inspection prior to shipping. Coastal Power Systems has prided itself on quality and details since we opened our doors in 1995. Each Air Frame Circuit Breaker will leave our CPS facility with an 18-month warranty and all test reports.

Each breaker will be shipped with a Power DB-generated test report and secondary wiring diagram upon request. These may also be supplied to the customer electronically.

Air Frame Circuit Breaker Components

Coastal Power Systems also can provide hard-to-find parts and devices for all Air Frame Circuit Breakers.

Air Frame Circuit Breaker parts include:

  • Programmers
  • Electric Operators
  • Shunt Trips
  • Under Voltage Releases
  • Bell Alarms
  • Close Coils
  • Auxiliaries
  • Any additional hard-to-find parts

What is an Air Frame Circuit Breaker?

Air Frame Circuit Breakers are characterized as a breaker that employs spring-operated, stored-energy mechanisms for quick connect/quick disconnect manual or electrical operation to make or break the flow of electricity. Unlike insulated or vacuum-type circuit breakers, Air Frames utilize air gaps as an insulation barrier from the disruption of the flow of electricity. Air Frame circuit breakers can be used in various applications that do not warrant protection from outside contaminants such as significant amounts of dust, dirt, metal particles, etc.

Air Frame Circuit Breaker Geared Toward Safety

Coastal Power Systems has the knowledge of upcoming trends such as switching from older “Iron-Clad Switchgear” Air Frame Circuit Breakers to newer more compact “Insulated Case” Air Frame Circuit Breakers. The new industry standard is:

  • Solid State Protection
  • Arc Flash Reduction Capabilities
  • Bluetooth interaction
  • Metering and Communications
  • Zone Interlocking
  • Compact Frame Size

Let CPS help you make the transition from older equipment to new modern designs and upgraded breakers with our retrofit and retrofill solutions.

Contact our Technical Sales Team and Service Department to help with all of your Air Frame Circuit Breaker Wants and Needs!