ABB, BBC & ITE Insulated Case Circuit Breakers

Let Coastal Power Systems be your one-stop for all Low Voltage ABB Insulated case products. We stock hundreds of ABB SACE Circuit breakers ready to ship. We also carry all parts and devices for any immediate or emergency needs. Our certified technicians are capable of extending the life of your SACE Emax and Emax2 Breakers by performing routine maintenance and offering a full repair/restoration service. Call or email us today to find out more!

ABB Insulated Circuit Breaker Models

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Emax Series- E1B, E2B, E2N, E2S, E2L, E3N, E3S, E3H, E3V, E3L, E4S, E4H, E4V, E6H, E6V

Emax 2 Series- E1.2B, E1.2N, E1.2S, E2.2B, E2.2N, E2.2S, E2.2H, E2.2V, E4.2S, E4.2H, E4.2V, E4.2L, E4.2X, E6.2H, E6.2V, E6.2L, E6.2X


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We have selected these manuals to help you choose your ABB-insulated circuit breaker. Download the resources below:

Download ABB Emax Circuit Breaker Manual

Download ABB Emax 2 Circuit Breaker Manual