Spectra Series Retrofills

CPS Series of Retrofits and Retrofills encompasses obsoleted E150 Line, F225 Line, J600 Line and K1200 Line. We have retrofilled both bolt in and plug in type AV line circuit breakers. Why should you retrofill instead of replacing your switchgear?

av line retrofill


The benefits to this Retrofill Include:

  • Quick Turnaround with Little Downtime.
  • Going from Obsolete Breaker to Current Production Spectra Series Breaker.
  • Offering Solid State Micro Entelliguard Trip Unit with Safety and Arc Flash upgrades available.
  • Spectra Series offers Reliability and Dependability


How To Order Your Spectra Series Retrofill

Ordering a new Spectra Series Retrofills for your Obsoleted Molded Case Breakers involves identifying your type of gear and breakers. Catalog numbers are typically located below the handle operator of the breaker. Any photos or schematics will help in the quoting and production phases.

AV line breaker substitute

Coastal Power Systems is fully capable of coordinating a site survey to better assist our customers with obtaining the correct information. We can also make any recommendations on additional features available such as:

  • RELT
  • Remote Operating Stations
  • Communications
  • Zone Selective Interlocking
  • Other Custom Controls or Features

Installation for Spectra Series Retrofills 

CPS’s expert field technicians travel around the globe to support our products and customers' installation needs. Our AV Line Retrofills will include all modifications, hardware, pre-wiring and any other necessary components for easy installation. Most kits include a new handle operator and might be necessary to make a small cut in the existing door or order a prefabricated new door from CPS. Retrofills typically involve:

Spectra series Retrofit

  • Unbolting/Unplugging existing breaker
  • Unbolting and Removing Glastic and existing studs
  • Installing New Retrofill Components and/or one-piece backplate assembly.
  • Bolt-in new Spectra Series Circuit Breaker
  • Installing Provided Replacement Panel, or cutting opening in the door for new Spectra Series Handle Operator


What are the benefits to Retrofilling?

  • Upgrades Older Gear while limiting Downtime
  • Increase your Arc Flash Protection
  • Increase the Dependability and Durability of your Circuit Interrupting Devices
  • Lower Maintenance and Current Production Field Installable Replacement Parts
  • RELT and Zone Selective Interlocking are available

Reach out to us through Email or Phone to speak to one of our technical sales staff members for more information!

entelligiard retrofill for HiAS breaker  Original to Spectra